Snorkel with hundreds of Mantas in Maldives

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Stay in Furaveri Resort and find Whale Sharks And Manta rays

Hanifaru Bay is a sanctuary for people who love snorkeling with manta rays and whale sharks. This UNESCO biosphere reserve in the Maldives is legally designated as a Marine Protected Area. There are strict regulations are in place to protect and preserve this amazing wonder where you can snorkel with hundreds of manta rays

Luckily this amazing place is located just 45 minutes from our Resort and you can enjoy a truly Maldivian holiday and discover the wonders of the underwater world and its creatures.

The world’s largest feeding station known to exist

The reef in Hanifaru Bay is similar to a funnel that is about 1300 meters, the inner part of the funnel is about 600 meters and that is where manta rays and whale sharks are found more common.

Snorkeling amongst the feeding congregations of manta rays and whale sharks at Hanifaru Bay is one of the Maldive’s best known underwater experiences.

If you want to have this experience in your next holidays in Maldives, you can check our Resort located in Raa Atoll.

Best time of year to snorkel with hundreds of manta rays in Maldives

If you are planning a trip to Maldives, we recommend you to do it between the months May and September this is the season where you can find abundance of Manta Rays and Whale Sharks.

Between May and September each year, during the South West Monsoon (wind that brings heavy rainfall that results in floods during the wet season) a lunar tide also occurs which results in a massive build up of plankton in the bay. This high concentration draws in hundreds of filter feeders and it is not unusual to see up to 200+ manta rays accompanied by whale sharks. And there is where we are going to take you to snorkel with this incredible creatures.

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