Water Sports in Maldives

Jet Ski

Speed, splash, twists and turns. Enjoy the latest models of Yamaha WaveRunners which are easy to operate and control. The jets will leave from the beach, and will take you on guided tours and rides. You also have the option to hire the jets and visit a nearby sand bank or reef for a snorkeling adventure. Our crew will accompany you throughout the journey to ensure your safety.

Tube & Banana rides

Must be above 4 years

All you need to do is hang on. Our experienced Captain will take you out to the nearby lagoon or right outside the resort house reef and take you on the ride of your vacation. We have a good selection of towables to choose from, ranging from kids tubes, single rides, and banana rides for groups of upto 4 pax.

Options Included

  • 01 to 03 person tube ride 10 or 15 mins
  • 03 to 06 person banana ride 10 or 15 mins

Catamaran Sailing

Discover new sensations with the wind and waves, with our very stable Topcat K3 boat, perfect for beginners and very easy to control. You have the option of taking a course or hire the catamaran for hours with an instructor who will teach you all the basic skills. For those experienced ones, you have the option to navigate alone by renting the Catamaran.

Extra persons may be allowed depending on wind conditions for rented catamarans.


  • Catamaran Sailing � 45 mins for upto 2 pax
  • Sailing lessons for upto 02 pax for 60 mins
  • Check Sail of 15 mins
  • Catamaran can be rented for hours

Water Ski, Wakeboard & Knee board

For the pros and amateurs, this is a real fun and exhilarating activity. Slice your way through the wake, on one of our many boards, be it a ski, wake board, wake skate or a knee board. We also have options for the little ones, with boards specially made for kids.

Activities Include

  • Starter lessons of 20 mins for a single person and 40 mins for a couple or pair.
  • We also offer a refresher ride of 15 mins for those who have done it before.
  • For the Pros we have a Pro Ride of 10 mins.

Stand up paddling

We offer stand up padding lessons and boards for rent. It is a great way to explore the pristine blue lagoons surrounding the island, while getting some real good exercise.

Wind Surfing

We have a range of boards to choose from, from beginners to pros. Our coaches will guide you through the basics and the resort is ideally located for great windsurfing both for beginners and pros.

Activities Include

  • We offer a 60 mins lesson for upto 2 pax
  • Boards can be hired by pros for hours (Subjected to weather conditions)


This futuristic sport is one of the last activities we added to our Dive Club.

The FlyBoard is a watersports device, connected to and powered by a personal watercraft, which allows propulsion underwater and in the air. Users are connected to the board by wakeboard boots, under which, water pressure provides thrust, and users are able to fly

Activities Include

  • We offer a lessons and 15 minutes of diversion
  • If you have experience in flyboarding you can skip the lesson.

Kids Activities


Kids can learn the skills and techniques required for balancing and the effective ways of paddling on a SUP board. The lessons will be carried out by experienced instructors.

  • Children must be the age of 6 years and above.
  • 30 mins of lesson & 60 mins of board rent