Snorkeling in Raa atoll, Maldives, is special because it is particularly remote, with very few dive boats and resorts so you often get the snorkel sites to yourself, which is a fabulous experience.

Manta snorkeling

Join us aboard for one of the best experiences in furaveri island, The Manta Adventure! Mantas are very gentle no teeth, stingers or barbs. They are simply big and beautiful with wingspans that can exceed 15-feet in width! These gentle giants visit us at solar corner to feed on the planktons.

Enjoy comfortable 25-minute boat ride to solar corner on the north west of furaveri on the eastern monsoon. Once at the site, our professional guides will assist you into the water for an experience of a lifetime! You will witness the mantas up close as they grace the waters and feed on plankton.


  • Tour start at 8:30 to 12:30 pm
  • Two spot snorkeling with guide
  • All the snorkel gear with life jacket
  • Fish slate for each
  • Local coconut & water

Faru adventure (two spot)

Come and enjoy our morning snorkeling adventure and identify the colorful fishes and discover the natural beauty of Raa atoll. We will visit 2 different coral reef where you will be amazed about the divers marine life.

This snorkeling adventure is design for the people who like to know about the fish and corals. Evey one will have fish slate to identify the fish and the guide can explain about it on a information session.


  • Two snorkeling spot with guide
  • All the snorkeling gear with life jacket
  • Fish slate for each
  • Local coconut & water
  • Price per person : $90

Fun Faru (1 spot afternoon)


Come aboard and experience a great afternoon adventure. If you don't like to get up early, this is the trip for you! This 2 hour excursion begins at 14:30pm. We choose close by reef for this great tour in the afternoon. You can watch thousands of creatures on this reef, as they rest on the bottom or they glide gently over the colorful beds of coral.


  • 1 snorkeling reef with guide
  • Local coconut and water